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Slide Show - The Professional Leadership Coaching Model

(the Forton Model)

Why Leadership Coaching?

Coaching is a key leadership skill

Leaders are more influential when adopting the coach style. They encourage innovation and accountability, create cultural change, and develop the next generation of leaders.

Leadership coaching is a specialist skill

Leadership coaching requires an understanding of the complex ways in which organisations interact and operate, at individual, team and group levels - and the leadership factors in play.

Leadership coaching requires professional skills and high levels of integrity

Issues like confidentiality, commercial awareness and international standards of governance really matter in professional coaching. The Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

We meet their high standards, which means -

  • The content delivers to the ICF standards of Ethics and Coaching Competences
  • Our Faculty are Accredited Coaches - with business and leadership experience
  • Our masterclasses include a 6-hour Ethics Module and tests

Leadership coaching has personal benefits and builds capacity in the organisation.

  • Leadership is about being personally successful, and enabling success in others.
  • Leadership is required at personal, team, and organisational levels, and in society.
  • One key way of delivering success is to build great teams. A cohesive team will out-perform a group of individual high-achievers any time.
Here's a copy of the Ignite programme overview (slideshare format) we send to course participants: Ignite leadership &_coaching_overview