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Our Faculty

The Forton Group Faculty is the team of Accredited Coach-Trainers, licensed to deliver Leadership Coach Training to a world-class standard. They are experienced Coaches from around the world with professional business and leadership experience. They are appointed by our Director of Training based on their personal, professional and leadership experience, including their own professional training and ongoing personal development.



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As part of our International Coach Federation status as an Accredited Coach Training Program, details of Faculty members' experience and background are submitted to the ICF as part of the rigorous re-accreditation process.


Meet our Faculty

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Mentor Coaching/Supervision: those faculty members who are trained and accredited Coach Mentor/Supervisors are noted with *.

Cynthia Calluori TFG BW

Cynthia Calluori PCC*

One of the world's most experienced coach-trainers, Cynthia Calluori is the leader's coach. With over 20 years experience as a leader for customer sales and service teams, Cynthia is expertly skilled in creating and coaching teams of successful individuals and organizations and delivers breakthrough results. read more...

Cynthia is Regional Director, The Forton Group North America

Bob Hughes BW

Bob Hughes PCC*

An experienced leader and leadership 'guru', Bob is an experienced leadership coach and consultant, with a successful track record in leadership, people motivation and project delivery over the last 30 years. During his career Bob has worked at a senior level, leading teams of up to 200 people. In a number of large corporations he has helped shift the leadership culture to a more inclusive and effective approach. read more...

Bob is Global Director of Training and Regional Director, The Forton Group Europe

Helen Caton Hughes BW

Helen Caton Hughes MA, PCC, DipM*

Helen is a leadership, performance and careers coach, known for her inspirational and practical leadership development. Helen works with her clients on the immediate challenges to deliver more, faster;and on the strategic horizon, embedding better ways of leading over the longer term. read more...

A Chartered Marketer, Professional Leadership Coach, Trainer & Supervisor, Helen is CEO of the Forton Group

Tony Draper BW L

Tony Draper PhD, PCC

Tony combines his solid business acumen with the best coaching models to support the delivery of sustainable solutions to his clients. He has more than 24 years experience with multinational corporations, both as an employee and professional coach in Asia-Pacific: concentrated in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand. read more...

Tony is Regional Director, The Forton Group Asia-Pacific

Cat Williford BW

Cat Williford MCC*

Imagine a world of people achieving professional success by living true to their ideals and pursuing personal satisfaction. This is the mission of Cat Williford, Master Certified Coach. She is devoted to a conscious, balanced, and visionary approach to life andcombines her creative,theatrical background with coaching skills and business sense as a Coach, Keynote Speaker and Trainer. read more...

Cat is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team, based in the U.S.A

Hilary Oliver BW

Hilary Oliver PCC*

Hilary is an executive, business and leadership development coach who works with SME companies and public and private sector organisations, supporting the business and personal growth of managing directors and their teams. read more...

Hilary is a member of Forton's Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team based in England

Suhky Bains BW

Sukhy Bains PCC*

Sukhy is a leadership coach and coach trainer with a track record in coaching business leaders and delivering workshops. She works across gender and cultural backgrounds at various management levels and has been particularly successful in helping individuals set vision and direction for themselves and their people and also in gaining even more confidence within themselves. read more...

Sukhy is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team, based in England.

Mark Delvecchio BW

Mark Delvecchio ACC

With over 15 years’ experience as a leader within the Book Publishing and Book Manufacturing sectors, Mark’s passion is to bring like-minded individuals together to create high functioning teams which support organizational objectives. read more...

Mark is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training Team, based in Canada.

Robyn Freshwater

Robyn Freshwater ACC

Robyn’s coaching effectiveness comes from a combination of a passion to support people to become better leaders, managers and team members. She has a natural ability to warmly and genuinely connect with people, with senior management experience in the Public Sector and extensive formal leadership, coaching and business education.

Robyn is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team, based in Australia

Nikhil Maini

Nikhil Maini ACC

Nikhil has a passion for working with clients who want to develop their organisation and improve performance. His specialty is supporting organisations to implement cultural change through leadership development and coaching.

Nikhil is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team, based in India.

Yvonne McLean

Yvonne McLean ACC

Yvonne brings more than 20 years’ experience as a lawyer and senior executive with experience of working in the UK, Germany and New Zealand. She draws on her experience both within large law firms and the Executive Management team of the UK subsidiary of a global software company, with her coaching and other clients.

Yvonne is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team, based in New Zealand.

Sharon Honner

Sharon Honner

Combining her energy and 20 years’ people development experience, Sharon partners with individuals, small business and organisations (public and private), to support them in exploring and deepening their knowledge to act effectively in teams, as leaders and managers.

Sharon is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team, based in Australia