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ELearning: Leadership Strea

If one thing is consistent about leadership over the last thirty years, it’s that it has a greater importance in organisation and business success than ever before.

Why?  Because the pace of change has increased; the world of work is getting ever more complex – and it’s ever-more dynamic. All this complexity and change is speeding up.

I’m Helen Caton-Hughes and your guide for this stream.

You'll start thinking about your personal leadership style, and the behaviours you need to display, as a leader. It's not about job title, technical skills or seniority – it’s about the core skills leaders need  to get the best from themselves and others. 

Each course stands alone:

Course 1 - What we mean by ‘leadership’.

Course 2 - Three modes of leadership: the what, how and who

Course 3 -employee engagement

Course 4 - the Schroder High-performance Leadership Behaviours 

Course 5 - Strengths-based Leadership

Course 6 - Emotional Intelligence 

Course 7 - Whole Systems overview.

Course 8 -Transformational Leadership (Burns, Bass, Yuki)

Course 9 - Leadership: a hero’s journey

Course 10 - Leadership Styles  

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