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Be more confident with ELearning

A011 Understanding Learning

Be a better coach: help your clients join the world of abundant leadership.  Anyone who’s responsible for a team can be a better leader: it just takes one step at a time.

Our ELearning programme is a great first step.  For coaches. For leaders.

About ELearning

ELearning takes you through the thinking behind the key skills you - and your clients - need.  As a result, you’ll understand the importance of good leadership; and the key skills leaders display, like 

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Better communication
  • Leadership
  • Reflective learning

Complete each stream in your own time, wherever you have access to the internet.  You can stop, start and go back at a pace to suit you. 

There’s no rush.  Once you register, you have a year to complete each stream.  And you can put what you learn into practice every day.

ELearning Options


  • What is ELearning?

    ELearning is a great way to pick up on new ideas at your own pace; it saves time and costs of travelling and you can learn wherever you are.

    If you're responsible for developing teams of people, ELearning is a great way to get upskill them for a minimal investment.

    • It's accessible wherever you have an internet connection, via your phone, tablet or pc.
    • It's a way to learn at your own pace, stopping and starting to suit you.  
    • You can go back over a topic whenever you want.
    • Expect to watch, listen and read materials as you go along.  
    • You will be asked questions to check your learning and progress with multiple choice quizzes.
    • The system logs your progress, so you pick up where you left off.
    • When you've finished we send you a link to your Certificate of Completion to print out or save as a pdf.

    If ELearning is new to you, we recommend starting with our ELearning Taster - it's free - and gives you a flavour of what to expect without commitment.

  • What ELearning isn't

    ELearning is great for ideas and explanations; for understanding a topic.  It helps put ideas into practice - but it is no replacement for practicing skills with colleagues in a live-learning environment.

    The good news is that live learning can now take place in a physical or virtual classroom.  With our web technology, you can see and hear your colleagues clearly.  

    Working in large groups or small virtual 'classrooms', people can hone their skills and benefit from social learning with their peers.

    Contact us at info@professionalleadershipcoaching.com for more details of live learning options.

    If ELearning is new to you, we recommend starting with our ELearning Taster - it's free - and gives you a flavour of what to expect without commitment.

  • FREE ELearning Taster

    ELearning Taster: Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

    This complimentary ELearning taster gives you an overview of the key concepts in leadership, coaching and mentoring.

    On successful completion you'll receive a link to your Certificate and a discount on the full programme.

    Click here to register and get started.

  • Full ELearning Programme

    Our most popular ELearning Package

    Access 50 hours CCEs to support professionalism, communication, leadership and management in five streams:

    • Communication
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • Leadership
    • Reflective Learning

    Complement your technical and coaching skills; improve your professional relationships and bottom line results.

    Individual, Team or Corporate Package Options

    Register here for single user membership: £99 inc VAT

    Team and Corporate Membership volume discounts apply - contact info@professionalleadershipcoaching.com

  • ELearning: Leadership Stream

    If one thing is consistent about leadership over the last thirty years, it’s that it has a greater importance in organisation and business success than ever before.


    Because the pace of change has increased; the world of work is getting ever more complex – and it’s ever-more dynamic. All this complexity and change is speeding up.  Leadership supports management and leadership development, particularly in the areas of

    • Managing self
    • Managing and working with others
    • Team Building
    • Influencing Others

    Helen Caton-Hughes is your guide for this stream.

    Register here for a nominal 10 learning hours - accepted as 'Resource Development' CCEs by the International Coach Federation. 

  • ELearning: Mentoring Stream

    Mentoring is more than just an opportunity to ‘give back’ to others by supporting and guiding them in their careers – it has a clear practical use in the induction process for new starters.

    Great for your development too

    Learning mentoring skills supports your own management and leadership development, particularly in the areas of:

    • Managing self
    • Managing and working with others
    • Communication

    Business benefits include:

    • Improved performance: improved personal effectiveness
    • Time and money saved: improved productivity
    • Better risk management: experience fewer critical or Health & Safety incidents
    • Motivate people: improved employee engagement, reduced sickness and absenteeism

  • ELearning: Reflective Learning Stream

    We all make mistakes, all the time, most days. That’s not the point. Do you learn from your mistakes, or do you just go on repeating the same old ways, making the same mistake many times over?
    Mistakes are rarely the problem, it’s not learning from them that is. Reflective learning improves your credibility and impact on self and others.

    Reflective learning is a way to face up to and learn from our experiences: good or bad.  It means that  we don't have to repeat our mistakes; we can learn from ourselves and others too.  It supports our management skills through improving our self-management.

    Business Benefits

    • Great for improving technical and clinical skills
    • It improves team, colleague and customer relationships
    • Improve bottom line results (by not repeating costly mistakes)
    Dr. Janine Brooks will be your guide for this stream.

  • ELearning: Coaching Stream

    Coaching is a core communication skill and one of the most powerful leadership tools introduced in recent years.  It supports personal development and learning, so people take more responsibility for their actions.

    Coaching supports your own management and leadership development, particularly in the areas of

    • Managing self
    • Managing and working with others
    • Communication
    • Individual and Team Leadership

    Through coaching leaders and managers can create the relationships that matter with their team; with their peers; with others in their organisation and with society.

    Many organisations are realizing the effectiveness of coaching in achieving their vision. They use to coaching to increase employee satisfaction, deliver change, improve output and strengthen their bottom lines.

    Coaching is personalised learning, that brings many benefits, including the biggest return on investment of any learning and development activity and -

    • New perspectives on individual challenges
    • Better decision-making
    • Improved interpersonal skills
    • More effective people and teams
    • Increased personal confidence