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Your Coach Training Needs Self Assessment

We believe that it's important you choose the right accredited coach training programme for you or your organisation. Identify your Coach Training needs by completing this simple self-assessment tool, to highlight what's important to you when you choose your coach training company. It's free, fast, and easy to complete.

You'll receive a copy straight back to your email inbox, and an invite to a free session with our senior coaches in your region. To support this process please include your country in the contact form below.

N.B.: As part of this survey and discussion process your name and e-mail address will be added to our mailing list. Messages are sent periodically to participants to provide new information, program updates, and program specific promotions. You may remove your email from this mailing list at anytime by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.
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Your Professional Coach Training Needs - Self Assessment
Are you completing this questionnaire on behalf of yourself, or your organisation?
If you are completing this questionnaire on behalf of your organisation, please describe your organisation's needs here.
Please describe what level of training are you looking for: e.g: Foundation/Beginner; Intermediate/Developing; Advanced/Professional; Masterclass; Coaching Supervision/Coach Mentoring
What coach-specific training skills do you have already? Please describe.
Are you already providing coaching services? (Whether inside an organisation or as an independent professional)
Are you a trainer, HR or Learning and Development professional, counsellor, consultant or other professional looking to transfer into professional coaching?
If you answered 'Yes' above, what are your development priorities?
If you are already a qualified or accredited coach, please enter your qualification/credential here (e.g. 'ICF ACC', 'AC Coach' etc)
The International Coach Federation has three levels of credential, ACC (60 Specific Coach Training Hours -SCTH), PCC (125 SCTH), MCC (200 SCTH) How many coach-training hours do you have?
Fewer than 60
Between 61 and 125
Between 126 and 200
More than 201
The ICF recognises coach training schools that it accredits and schools with equivalent standards. If you already have some coach-specific training was it with -
An ICF accredited school
A business school or university (academic coaching course)
A business school or university (coaching skills)
Other (please describe):
Mentor Coaching Hours:
The ICF requires 10 hours of coach-mentoring, A minimum of 3 of the 10 mentoring hours must be one-on-one coaching with the mentor. Group coaching may count for a maximum of 7 hours toward the mentoring requirement. The group being mentored may not consist of more than 10 participants.
What are your mentor-coaching hour needs?
I have all I need
I need some 1-1
I need some group mentor coaching hours
I need both 1-1 and group mentor coaching hours
Coaching Log:
The different levels of ICF certification require different levels of coaching experience. The ICF has a standard coaching log to record client details appropriately, and your hours of coaching experience. How many hours of coaching experience have you logged?
0 - 25 hours
26 - 50 hours
51 - 100 hours
101 - 750 hours
751 - - 2,500 hours
More than 2,500 hours
What other skills, background or training do you have in your career to date?
Do you have a background in management or leadership in your career to date?
How would you describe your preferred way(s) of learning?
Forton offers coach-training through a blend of methods. Please tick all that you would like to include in your coach training experience.
In-person coach training
Virtual-live coaching training (via web platforms)
Live teleclasses
Online learning modules (for resource development)
1-1 learning
Small Group learning
What is your desired outcome from your coach training investment?
How important is it to you that your chosen coach training programme has a proven coaching process and model?
Very important
Quite important
Less important
Not at all important
Other (please describe):
How important is it, that your chosen coach training programme supports you to grow your successful coaching business?
Very important
Quite important
Less important
Not at all important
Other (please describe):
How important is it that your coach training programme is all-inclusive? (e.g. all the training, coach-mentoring and certificate fees)
Very important
Quite important
Less important
Not at all important
Other (please describe):
What else would you like us to know about your future career plans and your training needs?
You'll receive a copy of your responses to your in-box when you press 'Submit Survey' below. 
NEXT STEPS: Our philosophy is to discuss your coach training with you in person. You will receive an invite to a telephone conversation in your region with one of our Senior Coaches.  


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