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Coaching is Leadership...  Leadership is Coaching...

A Blog about Leadership in Coaching

Leadership, coaching, and listening beyond the words

June 2, 2016
When we launched our flagship leadership coach training product, Ignite, in Italy, I had the great pleasure of spending time with our partners in Rome. They ran the course for a dozen leaders and coaches keen to learn our model. My job was to listen, observe and support – and my biggest ...

Leadership Development – How Is Coaching Perceived?

May 31, 2016
As a provider of career coaching and leadership training, it's difficult to measure how coaching is perceived by business leaders. I’ve asked this question of a few people recently. Because it’s not enough to simply offer coaching – at a significant investment of time and money - it's ...

The Red Wine Paradigm

May 28, 2016
Hard work followed by play I got to relax on the Sunshine Coast in Australia recently, after I travelled and worked with Tony, our friend and business partner in Brisbane. Tony and Ross had kindly booked an apartment in Coolum with beautiful views over the rolling surf of the Pacific. Yet it ...

What’s their secret? How the best coaches make an amazing difference

December 28, 2015
I love our leadership development workshops. They’re so interactive and create a real buzz. Yes, there’s personal reflection time too – so that people can pause and make notes – and the discussions are so inspiring too. But recently I was blown away by just one piece of ...

What really works in growing your business?

November 12, 2015
What really works in growing your business? Yesterday I was invited to be the keynote speaker for a group of women entrepreneurs interested in exporting through our local UKTI network (@wm_ukti). It was a humbling experience as we paused to reflect on past conflict in the 2-minute silence. ...

3 steps to create new possibility in leadership and coaching

September 15, 2015
Working with a client this week on getting their book published and out into the world, we took a deep dive into the nitty gritty details. How should the page numbers appear? What should the contents page look like? His purpose is to tap into peoples’ creativity and help them unlock their ...

3 behaviours to avoid as a leader or coach

September 15, 2015
When you look closer at the similarities between good leadership and good coaching, there are many. Good leaders are, after all, good coaches. And one that is worth paying particular attention to is the way we communicate, converse and involve others in the leadership journey. Stronger leaders ...

3 Key Questioning Steps for Coaches and Leaders

September 15, 2015
We met with some great coaches and leaders last week at the ‘Ignite’ workshop. 2 days of coaching skills in beautiful autumnal England countryside. I get so much learning and value from these events. But before I make this all about me, me, me, let’s focus on a key area that ...

Power relationships in leadership and coaching

August 20, 2015
Part of our job here at the Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme is to share ideas and issues with other training schools and with the International Coach Federation. When our clients, colleagues or network members come up with an issue on which they want clarification, we take it to ...

What’s different about coaching leaders and managers? Plus this week’s top coaching tip

July 7, 2015
What’s different about coaching leaders and managers? Plus this week's top coaching tip Coaching is the most powerful personal learning tool – ever. And we still haven’t finished tapping into its potential. When coaches tell me that they have supported others to ...

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